Jessica Cannon in Black Combine Assassin Suit


Credits are in the folder, and Merry Christmas

Oh I see its a reskin.

dat hot chick is a spah!

Good reskin!

Epic Win.

Curious - do you have the source files with the unwelded mouth? The smd on the original model has a tendency to bugger out sadly :frowning:

This is almost identical to something Nirrti and I did like a year and a half ago, Jessica with that same suit with a black reskin. Only major difference is that I redid some of the under layers to look more like skin tight leather and less like black cloth. This one is better though because it has face and eye posing.

We need Jessica Cannon nude version.



I will never understand the perverted nature with its users desires to see female models - naked.

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All the nude models in Gmod look like shit anyway, horrible proportions and really, WHAT are you going to use them for besides masturbation.

Yeah, and think about this, YOU’RE MASTURBATING TO A PICTURE OF A 3D MODEL. How pathetic is that?

Truth be told about as pathetic as masturbating to any picture.


And what is your problem? It is for artistic purposes. Here everyone seems a group of religious conservatives who believe that seeing a naked woman is indecent.

nobody is acting like that

it’s true that it’s sad that we masturbate to pictures and we do not all have personal sluts to do our business every morning, night, and mid-day “bathroom” trips.

plus the nude models really only have one use.

Most of us know what those artistic purposes are. It’s odd that you don’t have people screaming about wanting to see nude male models, everytime one is released, for those very same artistic purposes.

She is a dream to pose. Awesome leather skin.

So this is what you want? They did for you, maybe.!

alright IDK if it’s an error on my part but this model is kind of a mess. Her face and hair look great and the head has decent physics the rest is a nightmare to pose. Her butt is always sticking out. The wrists are really thin and on some angles it looks like they are not even attached right. There are also these weird wires on feet. The eyes pose fine and the face is alright just the eyelid posing does not work. If you want I can post images of what I am talking about. I really like the idea of this model and hope you do fix it. It has potential!