Jessica Cannon posing for the camera

Bet you guys thought about something else :smug:

That gun model…

Well… Yes :smug:
The picture is still cool but “something else” would have been better.

Edit:Damn ninjad

John Blade ragdoll! D:

Nice picture. Somehow you make ingame lighting look so good…

Me being a noob probably, but who is Jessica Cannon?

Nice pic.

Then that is Nick Cannon in the car!?

Oh nevermind. Why do I ask when I have google. She is the Sin chick.

Shit I didn’t know blade had a ragdoll

nice work

Lamps I guess.

As far as I knew, he doesn’t. I think Ilwrath copied over a different ragdoll’s PHY file, which should work. Is that how it was done?

Anyways, everything looks great except for the gun model. I’ve always thought it just looked ugly.

She is hawt.

Nice! That’s really all I got…Sorry :smiley:

Very good, but her hair looks odd around the edges or is that just me?


Nice posing.

I’ve been loving your recent poses lately :3:

Cool pose.