Jesus Crew - Rust videos

This is what happens to people who kill naked’s!

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That’s how you do it! GG man!

Shooting ppl in the face is what Rust is all about…

Damn that was some skills you got with the shotgun. GG.

Indeed some nice skills with shotgun. Most people just get scared and shoot on the foot or try a headshot with a shotgun. You did a straight and perfect chest shoot.

Also loved how you did not killed the naked guy.

Nice shooting, but this only highlights why you should kill naked people when they can pull a shotgun out there ass pocket.

The point of this video is to say fuck you to all the pussys that kill nakeds in rust cause they can’t kill people with gear that could actually fight back. Nothing more annoying than dying to a geared guy when you are just trying to farm some basic shit with a rock… More people need to start doing this so maybe the noob killers grow a pair and move to bigger threats.

Lag and a rock can kill you faster than a shotgun blast.

haha you’re surgical with that bitch GG

(you’re also the reason why people KOS)

Definitely a good shot, and also the perfect reason why geared players shoot nakeds.

I dont think so… They were chasing him hard and i’m 200% sure they would not hesitate in killing him. He was not the one chasing he was the one being chased by 3 guys with leather + shotguns.

Hehe, they must’ve been really annoyed. Nice kills.

not really, pretty sure they thought he was any easy target. If they really thought he was a threat they would have approached him differently. It was like he was ringing the dinner bell for hungry wolves by saying he had nothing.

“I have nothing” / pulls out shotgun (also 100% is more than enough :P)

My point is until you can see guns Dayz style people will KOS

I think what people mean by “You’re the reason people KOS” is something like:

Rust is a game where you can’t trust anyone. While you might be friendly enough to not KOS everyone, a lot of “nakeds” who’re loaded with a shotgun will not hesitate to yell “I’m friendly, I have nothing!” and then slam you with a shotgun blast.

I understand, though, that these three guys were pretty far away… and there were three of them; they were very obviously the aggressors.

I can understand raiding a base for supplies or to eliminate a threat, but if I’m some naked guy and I get spotted by a heavily armed/armored person, there is literally no reason to kill me.

MAYBE I’m some sort of scout. Okay. I can get that. But if some 14 year old kid is talking shit on the mic while he kills my naked savage self, there will be consequences.

And the entire “KOS” thing - that’s pretty realistic. If someone wants to go out taking from others, they aren’t going to take prisoners.

and this is exactly why you kos in rust.

Fucking squeakers got what they deserved, more players like you and Rust will be more fun than it already is.

Nah, not like he ran up to them yelling friendly and then whipped out the shotgun. They attacked him (to be fair he was clearly looking for trouble but the point stands).

The people who run up yelling friendly, those I shoot. If they keep their distance, don’t have anything obviously worth stealing (or if I’m in a good mood) they get to live. Works for me, I’ve yet to be killed by an “unarmed” naked in 300 hours playing rust.

lol nice job