Jet Ambush

Isolation is tough stuff. :v: Enjoy! (Includes Regular and motion blurred versions)

Jet Ambush

Motion-Blurred Version

C&C people. :ohdear:

Right before they land, the pilots figured “Hey, lets get that bogie.”

I would have done it. :v:

Nice explosion)

Why, thank you!

I couldn’d make even it(

It’s A LOT easier than you think. I’d explain it but I’m too tired, sorry.


Off to bed, keep the comments rolling!

Not bad. The motion-blurred version is better, but probably only because it covers up the effects somewhat.

I don’t know why you didn’t isolate out the landing gear.

they have there landing gears down in flight?

it looks nice.

Second pic is best. But both are good work. Like the bullet traces and the explosion. Well done.

I want the original!

I didn’t really know how to isolate the landing gear. V:v:V

The original is just 3 planes on a black screen. :geno: I can post it anyway I guess, if you would like to edit?

Hey guys somebody download this crysis pack and redo the model to have the landinggear on the inside. With the wings out and such.
Usefull for plane flight screenshots. Will help this error only figuring they are landing soon.

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or just download the HAWX ( mod svn and get loads of gear up and down planes with loads of skins.
and very nice pic second one looks better

Please don’t use my threads for this kind of crap…

kk then sorry mate just people kept going on about the gear on the planes so i thought give them a link to solve the problem and get them to stfu

and again very nice pic u got there :slight_smile: