Jet Fighter Pilots?

Are there any military jet fighter pilot ragdolls floating around FP or
I haven’t had any luck finding any so far

^^^ An example of what Im after

I was thinking of making a similar request. I’ve been playing so much Ace Combat that all I can think about are fighter jets.

There were some CoD 4 pilots on, but the site is currently down.

They’re US chopper pilots, he wants Jet pilots.

But they look kinda the same though.

Fix’d, because jet pilots have the same gear as CoD4 piots, but they at least have the mask. There was a pack with a jet pilot helmet, so if you could find these, you can put that helmet onto CoD4 pilot head.


Helmet you can find in
I just reskinned and hexed it for myself.

That looks pretty good although it could do with some different colouring

Didn’t Someone Ported Crysis Pilot?