Jetpack, Chat and Trigger

Hello, I need some help.

  1. In the same mode another guy has icon over the head when typing in chat. Where i can download this mod?
  2. And last it’s about lua scripting (I think so) how to create trigger - when a player enters into area (maybe it pre-defined area or maybe it just when player close to object) in a certain place we make npc?

empty post

Dont expect someone to post instantly. The world of facepunch is wide, and your post isnt the center of attention. Wait for someone to know how to get the jetpack or w/e.

I know that I am not the center of the universe, but do not know the answer to the question and call the questioner a dumb is the height of hypocrisy…

You were most likely rated dumb becuase you used silly text emotes like :slight_smile: and T.T, this forum has a few emotes that you can find here, or simply don’t use emotes at all.

Another reason you may have been rated dumb was because you could easily search for the jetpack using the search feature this forum has. I found this fairly quickly.

The chat bubble above the player is part of that gamemode, but there may be a script for it if you search around.

And for your last question, there is a Lua questions sub-forum here for all lua related questions. You can also search for any answer before making a new thread.