Jetpack Epicness!.jpg

C&C …thought i might change the contenet im editng a bit.

This is amazing.

This may be the single most awesome GMOD screenshot I’ve ever seen.

That’s it.

We’re fucked.

I laughed. Splendid and funny.

It really lacks focus, and it’s very empty on the right.

Dinos with jetpacks. We’re screwed.

Don’t you realise. It’s a motherfucking dinosaur with a motherfucking jetpack…

ahhhahahahahaaha…but thankyou zerax for the constructive coment



i had this game on my old macintosh called nanosaur, and it was exactly what this picture was. you were like a raptor on a jetpack that had guns on the sides, it was pretty cool. thanks for bringing back some old memories

Who here has played Jetpack Brontosaurus?

This makes we wonder why they went extinct.

YES. iremember that i had it on my old brick apple computer

Pure epic.