Jetsons like vtol

With some more e2 expirimentation, I got this:

-Semi holo body.
-E2 controlled hydrolics controlling engine nacelles
-W S A D movement
-mild applyAngForce stability
control fetures:
W: all nacelles forward
S: all back
A: Left Side nacelles back, right forward
A: Left Side nacelles forward, right back

loosely based on Dr. Paul Moller’s Skycar prototype

need to emphasize that “loosely”

I didnt build it from referance. I didnt realize that the function was similar until I was done :v:

stop making this holo shit, just because they are holo doesn’t mean its somehow an excuse to make something look shitty. This isn’t a contraption- take it to wiremodforums I’m sure they’ll love it

It. Is a contraption, as it is not entirely holos. I added them as an afterthought. Only there for a cockpit and something for it to sit on. A pure Holo thing controlled with applyforce couldnt really be considered a contraption, but this is made out of very physical props and hydrolics, with a very simple holo exterior which I added for lack of knowing what else to do with it. It is not made of holograms. Very differant from my heli. I didn’t use holos to make it impressive, i was just bored. The fuction i found impressive. I haven’t seen many nacelle based contraptions here.

true there arn’t many, but they one I’m thinking of looked good aswell as fantastic function. To be honest a phx box would look better than that

Its good Balto but dont start posting every little thing with holos. If you make something epicly done with holos then post it :stuck_out_tongue:

ive only posted two things with holos (o_o) just in a row, and I never got around to texturing it. I intend to completely renovate my system, and rework it toward the skycar M400

It’s not really good looking. Try making that pic above me instead.

wow, lots of… lots of dicks here…
Lets see it in motion if you can, because 1 picture and some words are only yelled at like it’s a terrorist threat to facepunch

Since you are surprised i take it that you doesn’t have one.
Really, It’s nothing aesthetically. If it flies good then it might be a cool base or something but it’s not very pretty at all. Get a video.

Let the thread die after this next-generation constructive comment;

We (I) do really (not) like your Jetsons VTOL, because it is very (un)detailed.
You can try to (Un-shittify your contraption and) add more (detail | color) to make it (more) attractive to the community (Not sexually).


You’re supposed to read the next-gen comment in the way **you ** want to.

^that was one sexy comment. a well put one. make it better


posting it

go back to sleep

What I build is ment to be playable on a server. The things you people seem to adore so much couldn’t be played in single player because they are unplayibly laggy. This was made for function and to be lagless.

I like to fly what I build, not look at a sexy, laggy mass of props with horrid function, something that flys like a rock. Ive seen it on many an occasion. Yes. l know parent. I found it dreadfully unstable and crash prone. Thus I use holos, as they have similar properties to parented props, but dont show tendancy to crash ones client, and are more convinient.

(next to be a fin only V22 ospery)

I made a 300 prop heli that I spent hours making fly realistically and perfect, it doesn’t lag. Your point is invalid.

Also you can make something that looks good in <100 props easily.

I have NEVER seen a non lagging sexy good flying plane,vtol,heli

  1. Put your glasses on.
  2. Go to youtube.
  3. Go for either Edbergs or one of the nodex helis.

Maybe you should stop being on “[Uber Awesome Pro] we r uber - PHX2 and wiremud” servers

By the way, I have non laggy sexy 200-prop A-10 plane, 220 prop sexy non laggy VTOL and my heli as I stated above.
Pwn’d brah

^Says the fags with uber awesome pro rich people gaming computers
Some good people don’t have money for good things; Maybe there’s some kind of tag to use if the contraption was made on low tech pooters… like maybe "

-Made on low tech pooter-


Then why post it