"Jeune garçon, c'est fini" The Spy stands behind a soon-to-be dead Scout

Jeune garçon, c’est fini means Little boy, it’s over FYI :eng101:


And some bonus shots of the Spy:


C&C, please! No editing, just some Super DoF ingame.

Whoa very nice, but I think it would look even better with edited dof instead of in-game dof.

Anyways, great job!

I think in the first photo it would be better if you kept the focus on the spy and not on the scout. Pretty good posing. :slight_smile:

Let me guess you used the HMW-Models didnt jah?
Looks great Fussy arty for yah.


Nice posing.

Boom headshot?

Lol I liked the title, considering I could read it.
Have le arty.

Really nice dude.

good job

Fine job.

Nice. I quite like it.

J’aurais plutôt dit “jeune homme”…
Nice screenshot, anyway.

Scout is nom-ing his mic. :smiley:

It’s not even in his mouth, rated dumb.

This is actually pretty well done :smiley:

Jeune garcon means little boy, sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Anyway i like the lighting.

The Spy is older than the Scout, so not so strange, thanks for the correction :3:

He also tapped his mom anways

J’aurais inversé, moi. “C’est fini, jeune garçon.”.


Jeune garçon means young man/boy. :wink: