Jfk Reloaded Limo


If it’s possible do you think someone can port this from Jfk reloaded please?

Wait, what…?

Oh silly me Jfk reloaded is a free game which can be found here and I’m requesting his limo model.


Why does this exist.

The game is officially supposed to be a tool to dissuade the JFK conspiracies regarding whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald was actually able to pull off the assassination on his own. Players are given the role of Lee and are told their objective is to see how well they can match the official reports on what happened, for what was a cash reward back when the game came out.

These days, of course, the game is seen in a bad light simply because it lets you shoot the President and anyone else present on the scene that day in history. Morals don’t like that naturally.

Though there’s also people who like it for just how crazy things can get if you go completely off the historical record:

IMO he should have ended it when the bus hit the camera at the end.

Hahah awesome!!

Hahah shut up!!

It’s good for machinimas. Got my vote.

(dammit! I made a pun)