JgcxSword: WIP Melee Weapon

Ok, this is my JGCXSword. I’ve been working on it since i started lua (about a year or two ago), and it is my main project.
It’s not a release since it’s still kind of work in progress (bit of bugfixing, cleanup and all that).
I released a YouTube video to showcase it.** All the information is in the annotations**, and is shown as you watch the video. Sorry to anyone who can’t see them. As you can see, the sword STILL isn’t textured, mainly on account of VTFEdit not working, but also because I couldn’t really be bothered fixing it.
Anyway, comments & constructive criticism please.

Sorry for not uploading sooner!


In case anyone was wondering, you need both folders (data and jgcxsword). Jgcxsword is in addon format so just put that in the addons folder. Data files needs to go in garrysmod/garrysmod/data/falloutmod.
:siren:This must be done for the addon to work.:siren:

Really nice, use [noparse]

[/noparse] to embed it

Pretty cool. :smile:

Looks pretty nice, it’s good to see an actually decent melee SWep (Not enough of these :saddowns:).

My only suggestion would be to flip the viewmodel, if possible. (For tradition’s sake)

Yeah. The thing is, I do all of my SWeps left handed… because I’m left handed. However, fix one line of code and it should do the trick.

Oh wait. You’ll have to adjust some of the force code so it goes in the opposite direction. But other than that, it’s pretty easy.

Make it right handed, get a nice skinner to skin it if you think your not right for the skinning, and it will be all good.

It would be neat if you could stab things and have them stick to your sword for a moment.

Holy shit. This is, amazing. :swoon:


oh btw

this x10000

You can’t attach ragdolls to viewmodels but you can sure emulate it

Thank you very much guys, keep it up with the comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms and I’ll keep working on it.
I’m going to set up my online to-do list for it. Just a moment.

What about the worldmodel?

Don’t worry, I already have this worked out: basically, the ragdoll gets pulled into the centre of your screen, blood keeps spurting out, and I can re-insert the code that drains the enemy’s life and charges your suit (inspired by the Bloodlust plasmid in BioShock).

View model flip would be nice. But anways, very awesomeness. Finally a good sword swep.


One more thing that would improve it more is:


That’s awesome.


Can anyone think of a sound effect I could use for the stabbing? I need something that’s really satisfying, but actually sounds like a stab. But like, you’re really puncturing their flesh. Any ideas?

And by the way, thanks for all the comments. :slight_smile: Keep it up!

Maybe this as a sound?
but that is kind of… gravelly/sandy sound.

This one is good, although you might want to split off the pulling out:
And some more:
Supposed to be slo-mo, but I cant hear it:
Quite good ones:
http://www.sounddogs.com/sound-effects/2187/mp3/170455_SOUNDDOGS__sw.mp3 (more fleshy, may fav)
The second part of this one:

I appear to have gotten carried away…

Thanks very much.
Unfortunately, they’re not extremely good quality. A bit… grainy?
Can you find any ones that have been used in video games? They tend to be a bit cleaner.
Appreciate the effort though.

To me they sound great quality, at least my fav does. Oh well, the search goes on…