Jigabachi Helicopters strikes off screen target.

Again I dare to post something I made for you, Facepunch Community, to criticize and help me improve. This time is a picture of 2 helicopters attacking an off screen target.

As usual I made 2 versions, with different muzzle flash color and more/less stuff. Tell me which one you like the most and why, or why you dislike one or both.



C&C people!

For some reason I find everything GitS-related somehow disturbing. Still, nice pic. The second one, I mean. Needs some more change in contrast/colour saturation/bloom, but that could be just me.

I will try putting more changes in that kind of stuff on later projects :smiley: I’m still understanding GIMP, so I might take a while xD thanks for the comment!

More comments would be appreciated too :slight_smile:

Bump, 1 comment aint enough for me :expressionless: more please!

To be honest, I’m not sure if they’re shooting a laser beam or bullets xD…

If a laser beam- AWESOME :open_mouth:

If bullets, it seems too laser-y xD

But other than that, it’s a nice pic. :slight_smile:

I know the bullets looks really continuous but it is like that because they are firing 20mmm Gatling guns, which fires 5000 rounds/minute so it kinda looks like a laser :stuck_out_tongue:

Video of a 20mm Gatling gun on action :smug: (Look at the part when it fires at night :P)

Holy. Those chopters have huge balls:)

Flames perhaps a bit overdone. Looks like lasers. I take it there is bullets they are firing. But nice overall.

Don’t bump threads like this, people will say something if they want to.

The one comment usually means that out of the 157 views, no-one has any CC or praise for the screenshot, meaning that it must be really uninteresting.

Which it is, quite. This is nothing that we’ve seen before, generic. But It’s generic in a bad way.

Ok, I get it, you don’t like the picture, still that doesn’t prevent me from getting criticism from another persons that are willing to help saying why they didn’t liked it, or something.

I know is generic, and it might be bad, but in my eyes it looked good, that’s why I need other peoples opinion to see beyond my sight ^^

Ohhh and also don’t complain about bumping when your bumping too ;d If you didn’t liked the bump, you could have let the thread die instead of reviving it.

And so how would I get the fucking point across about this particular article?

Indeed, we don’t like the picture. It’s so generic that people are just closing the tab before they can be fucked to say whats wrong with it. Because anyone who isn’t a twat should see whats wrong with it.

And how the FUCK is Bigboom bumping? He’s POSTING. How the fuck did you exepct him to say anything? I suppose posting a thread is also bumping right?

There is always PMs lol or at least giving a constructive critic and also commenting about the bumping issue that bothers you, double win.

Okey, no need to be aggressive, I get your point. He can always give his opinion as long as he at least gives a comment related to the original post; Also I’m not a pro at editing, its not like I’m saying “THIS IS BEST PIC EVER”, I’m new to this so my idea of good is far from right, that’s why I ask for helpful comments.

A. If I PM you, no-one else gets the hint if they are doing the similar thing.
B. I really don’t know how you can look at this and not see whats wrong with it.

Opinions are really diverse and that’s why I need as many as I can get. I see alot of things that are wrong with it now, but maybe someone can point out another one and so on.

Gonna quote you some examples from my other pic thread…



See? But never mind, its late here and I need to sleep :stuck_out_tongue: You made your point, and I will take your opinion on consideration on my next threads.

I don’t know these helis look like penises.

This isn’t posing you twat