Jiggle bone and W_weapon question

Ok some things might get confusing below. If you need me to give a better explanation just tell me.

I just wanted to know if anyone knew how to make objects inside of a object move when the object moves. Like the jar-ate in TF2 sorta, except I need it too be a bunch of objects that collide with each other. I am guessing this can not be done and would need to be sorta glitched to make it look like the objects are moving. I have no clue how to make the jiggle bone in the inside move around though. I have made a jiggle bone for a player model, but never for a weapon. The other thing I was curious about, was how do you compile the world/animation stuff for weapons. I opened the sdk and managed to compile a view model but this does nothing because you can not tell what weapon someone is using. This is a melee swep just a heads up.

I figured it out