Jiggle Bones Help

I was wondering how to jiggle bones something, can someone link me to a tutorial or explain to me how?

It’s pretty easy to do, just put a bone facing to the main weight, and then it’s just play with the QC commands and see how it works…

Here a little example:

$jigglebone "HalfTrack.Antenna" {
	is_flexible {
		yaw_stiffness 100
		pitch_stiffness 100
		yaw_damping 3
		pitch_damping 5
		length 200
//		yaw_constraint 0 0
//		pich_constraint 15 15
		angle_constraint 25

I started some research on this after i did the District 9 vehicles, the has an antenna and i wanted move it in a natural way, so i finish with the knowing of jigglebones…