$JiggleBone and $attachment question

Hello :smile:,

I have 31 $attachments and 8 $JiggleBones (Hair) on a Model.
If I use 25x ParticleEffectAttach (lua), then the $JiggleBones (Hair) doesn’t work anymore in the game. If I use StopParticles() or I delete ~20 ParticleEffectAttach then it works again.
Is there a limit or what I do wrong?

(sorry for my english)

No one? :confused:

I don’t know why it has a limit, but I found a solution. I made a new invisible model (ENT) with the 25 attachments and I put it to my model with ‘SetParent’. Now both, JiggleBones and ParticleEffectAttach, works at the same time.