Jigglebone Snapping

Something I’ve been stuck with for a while is jigglebone snapping. I managed to get the movement on hairs and such to be pretty cool, but I’ve run in to one problem that I seem to see on all kinds of other models as well. If the player snaps to a different angle quickly (such as by a very very quick turn, teleporting to a different angle, etc), the jigglebones have a chance of snapping at a 180 degree angle lock. Depending on the angle and how loose the bones are, there’s a higher chance of it happening. Are there any known ways to prevent this?

Nothing yet? Darn.

To elaborate a little bit:
It looks like this issue happens to quite a bit of other gmod models that use jigglebones, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the same issue on an antlion worker. I’ll see if I can experiment some more.

There’s not a whole lot you can do about it, unfortunately. Your best options are to increase the tip mass and the stiffness along with it - possibly in conjunction with constraints - or use is_rigid, which will not have this problem, but will have a big lack of control as to how it moves.

Yeah, I guess I’ll play around with it some more again. I just realized that this error doesn’t occur in modelviewer. I have no idea why it occurs in-game.


Actually increasing the tip_mass and/or stiffness just make it bounce rather than flow. I tried swapping it to rigid which would work great, but it’s almost like using stop-motion jigglebones. Not only that, but I still managed to get them to flip around backward for some reason.