Jigglebone spazes when moving too fast.


I have been trying my best to animate my very first viewmodel, and everything is working fine, however i have added a jigglebone to the gun’s strap clip, and it works, however if the player walks, it seems to spaz out a bit.

This video might show better what i mean:

Here is the code that i am currently using:

$jigglebone "Strap"
		length 15
		tip_mass 10
		pitch_stiffness 500
		pitch_damping 8
		yaw_stiffness 500
		yaw_damping 8
		along_stiffness 100
		along_damping 0
		angle_constraint 20

What could be causing it?

Also if possible, how can i make it so that the clip can turn 360 degrees, but not clip into the gun like i have it right now?I haven’t really worked with Jigglebones before, this is my first one.