Jigglebones in GMod?

I don’t post here much so I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but are jiggle bones in gmod broken or something? I made a Zelda Link hat that works perfectly in Model Viewer, but when I take it into gmod… It looks like a jumbled mess…

Here it is in model viewer… http://i29.tinypic.com/mj4cqq.png

Here it is in game… http://i31.tinypic.com/9gvixk.jpg

Is there a way to fix this problem?

Yea i’ve seen things like this before, have you compiled it under Orange Box? (rather than ep1) as i’m sure you have to in order for it to work. Also I think sometimes it just doesn’t work, ask MarioKart64n, luigimario, Nexus_Elite or any of the other skilled riggers, i’m sure they’d know whats up :slight_smile:

A few things of mine have done this sometimes (or something that looks a bit like this anyway), when the animation or pattern the bones are following is at a different scale to that of the armature you’re using… imagine a combine soldier in the ragdoll pose. If the ragdoll pose is made 100 times bigger, all the bones are moved to positions 100 times further apart, so instead of scaling the mesh, it just gets crazily stretched, and does something that reminds me of that second screenshot. Why it would look ok in modelviewer, however, I don’t know…

Unfortunately I’ve never used jigglebones, so I’m a bit less qualified to reply. Just my 2 cents.

in a topic we all agreed that jigglebones are broken in gmod. I PM’d garry about the issue, providing proof, but was nicely ignored.

pretty much all the main modders can enforce that jiggles bones do not work in gmod, they are disabled.

Interesting. So does this mean jiggle bones don’t work at all? Because my L4D Boomer does jiggle around (or atleast I thought it did) last time I looked at it. Is that not jiggle bones but an effect of something else, or is the discussion there about them working on ragdolls but not NPCs? (it gets a bit confusing towards the bottom) @.@

Jigglebones are converted to normal ragdolled bones on ragdolls in GMOD. They move, but they don’t behave like a jigglebone should.

They’re just plain fucked on NPCs, no two ways about it.

When i put my survivor models in a spawnlist they appear as two models each. The first ones are fine with minimal lag (but still a bit) and the second ones are all like those pics at the start of the thread there. Is it providing a non-jigglebone version and a jigglebone version of the models and if so why?

Opeth’s a bit wrong there ,gmod doesn’t convert the jiggle bones to ragdoll bones.

gmod doesn’t handle jiggle bones at all, therefore the bones are not recognized by the game, and fall off the model, or spaz out creating that effect you mentioned.

people had to decompile and recompile the ragdolls, so that they would properly run in gmod. they just replaced the jiggle bones with normal bones.hair breasts will move, but will act as normal bones

Hmm well that sucks… I made a bug thread on that new “get satisfaction” site. I’ll see what happens.

I don’t have the recompiled models though, I only have the ones I converted myself from the L4D files, but yet i get two sets of survivor models as I described above, as if the jiggle bones were a second skin.

There are two models in the spawnlist because Gmod creates different icons for each skingroup. Each L4D playermodel has two skingroups, one for a high resolution face texture, the other for a normal resolution face texture.

A little bump, just to say that Jigglebones now work!
Maybe its useful for the OP.

problem fixed??
new garrys mod update that was meant to fix the jiggle bone situation
hope it worked for you guyz

Hey people does jigglebones work in the last source version like it did in halflife2 cinematics mod?
I want to put a small jigglebones in some goggles model that are attached on a player model’s neck