Jijo - Gamemode


Hey facepunch. Submitted this gamemode for the gamemode contest but because nothing has happened when it was supposed to end a month ago. I decided to release it to the public.
I will try to contribute to this gamemode as a side project. Its still in its own way a WIP but far enough to be considered a release.


Stay in mind this was a nice starter project that helped me learn lua quite well.
I used a custom playermodel called Demon Violinist so give the creator props on that.
Same with a custom swep. Its called Explosive Fists. I got lazy and didn’t feel like making one. Perhaps in a later contribution I’ll make one.
Anyways, thanks for reading!

Jijo is a TDM gamemode. Keep that in mind.

If you need any assistance friend me on steam. I’m willing to really add anything thats nothing obnoxiously big.

Whats it about?

Jijo is about the demons ( Jijos ) fighting the Champs. The champs are only armed with a pistol and will get weapons for each Jijo they kill. Jijos only have 1 weapon they can use which is their fists. These fists are extremely powerful and do large amounts of damage.
Hope you enjoy the gamemode!

Will be adding more to it!]

Q : What keeps the Jijo’s from being overpowered?
A : The jijo’s have a limited number of team slots avalible.

Q : What map should I run to use this?
A : Preferably slender_forest_day, trying to get it to be able to work on slender_forest the nighttime one without getting eyeraped.


The champs. They use pistols to defend themselves from the Jijos.


Me showing off the amount of explosions this game carries! Added predator vision to the demons for it to be more realistic.


Me showing off the jump height the Jijo’s having making parkour even more fun! Wanna get on that roof to stalk your pray? Jump!

About to start a custom scoreboard.

Can you put a vid please? Or images

Done to your request (:

-snip was broken-

I may redo the HUD. What are your thoughts on that?

The Jijo contrast is a bit off I think

Yeah I have refraction amount set to 3. I can change that up.

-snip- I’m stupid

I just fixed viewmodel hands. They will now show. Sorry about that. I also had to remove it showing your team. It was generating errors that I couldn’t find the fix for. Sorry about that.


Also sorry, still learning on how to make a scoreboard. May be a while before that is implemented.

I can help with/make your scoreboard. I’ve made a few custom ones before. Not too good at thinking up my own design but as long as you have an idea, or I could just make a basic one.


Same with your hud, if you wanted to redo it like you said earlier I would be glad to help. :slight_smile:


Made a pull request on your github to make the health bar gradually change instead of changing straight to the players health hehe :stuck_out_tongue: (Feel free to deny it I just felt like coding something at that moment)

Don’t do drugs

The screenshots erh…


Yeah over the weekend when I have time we can work together! Thank you!

Video would be good as well.

Eh, to busy with school and coding the gamemode. I’ll just implement pictures.

Should I set the overlay to black and white or leave it rainbow?

[editline] Edited [/editline]

Fixed HUD. Sorry about that

Alright I’ll remake the HUD shortly, anyone here have any ideas on what it should look like?

I have a hard time looking at the rainbow overlay it hurts my eyes

what a shitty gamemode I can totally make some thing better

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