Jill Confronts Chris About Betraying Her


By klrvette9 at 2011-02-10

Yay, another edit. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “That first picture looks similar to the one you posted the other day.” In a sense, it is. Except that was a practice edit and this is the real deal. C&C would be appreciated. Thanks.

purple © gives it a good sence

The glass shots on the first pictures annoy me, their too light.

Holy Jesus This is awesome i may do some Replay to This :stuck_out_tongue: its pretty Awesome How did you made the Rain Effect ???

The rain effect is actually very simple to do in the gimp. First you create a new layer, go to noise>hurl, then desaturate all the dots of color, and then blur>motion blur, and from there, you gotta figure it out. It’s done at motion blur so there’s nothing else. And if you don’t like the end result, you can just undo it and retry :slight_smile:

Hmm it looks great, although the finger posing on Chris’s right hand holding the gun looks a bit weird. Especially since his pointer finger isn’t there.

He’s keeping his finger off the trigger. He’s been specially trained, I’d expect him to know some trigger control. And His finger didn’t make it to the trigger guard cause the Mk.23 is a big fucking gun.

Hes holding an ion cannon beacon!

“better watermark and copyright my amazing images so no one steals them and claims them as theirs!”

AH Shit I have Photoshop D: ah well i will Just make it Day Pic ok ;D

Or I can claim it as mine since it is mine, and I wanted to.

Well they’re absolute shit and no one in their right mind would attempt to ‘steal’ them.

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Actually if i made these i would distance myself from them. The fact that you’re doing the opposite is p. much hilarious.

That’s cool tool bag.

well I did it But i didnt Know How to make the Effects so i Just did a Little hope you like it :slight_smile:

“Good Bye Jill” Said Chris to Jill and standing on the Edge


" Chris Nooo " Jill said to Chris


" Dont do it " Jill said to Chris and Started to Run


Chris Is failing Down Jill is Still Running


" oh NOOOooooo " Jill said and Looked Down


" im To late " the time she reached the Edge Chris was already Gone


" But Why would he do it " Jill asked her self and Stared at the Street


Maybe because chris was tired of your shit jill :smiley:

Maybe he doesn’t want to be in a terrible comic.

The rain is without depth, and could use a lot of improvement. Otherwise it looks pretty ok. I don’t get why Chris would have to suicide to understand what that thing is.

He didn’t, hence why he wasn’t there when Jill went to look. When I thought about it, I thought about in RE5 when they open that chest in the tombs, and they fall through that hole and you get the command to make them “Land”. That and I thought of Heavy Rain when Ethan gets cornered on the roof and he falls back about 50 feet to escape. He hits a couple things on his way down, but after everything he’d been through following up to that moment, he survives, steals a taxi, and saves his son.

And yeah, I just discovered how to do rain so I don’t know how to do much WITH it. Any tutorials lying around that I can learn how to use. Mainly for The GIMP since I’m the poor bastard without Photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depthless rain, grey highlights in the second picture, blown out (almost SHEF-like) highlights in both. Posing seems okay but honestly that’s the only good thing I can say for either, your angles need work too.

Can’t do angles. I’m on a mac. Their keyboards don’t have numpads so I can’t use the cameras.