Jill dancing on a horde of Zombies while killing them

C&C on posing please

Can’t you do anything other than zombies?

LOL I Love it.

Sure, as soon as the Dead Space Ragdolls are ported.

Anything other than the undead?

They aren’t undead.

Theyr’e mutated humans who have been turned into monsters by a virus.

Or in dead space’s case, made by other virus humans.

Okay, can we have something other than humans who have been changed from their normal sentient form into creatures who seek to kill?

Broad enough for you to cover all those?

most of them are dead in deadspace except for those ones that spit out other necromorphs

The key letters in Necromorph being NECRO.

Necro means dead, Morph means form.

IE: there name means Deadform.

and i dont think the ones with their ribcage exposed and all the organs missing counts as “alive”

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Either way, like I said, maybe we could have pics that aren’t related to humans who have been changed by unnatural means such as a virus to want to kill.

How about you go and do that then? And let him do what he wants to do.

Seriously. Quit complaining what the man works with. It’s his canvas, he chooses the paint he likes.

What’s wrong with her faaaaaaaaaaaace

Whats the problem?

Also, everybody else but me does something else then zombies, so whats the problem with that? Its not like the forum is flooded with zombie poses or something.

I did a zombie pose too :frowning: but nobody noticed

That zombie on right behind her is seeing his dreams came finally true.

Someone really should replace the envmap with phong.

Why are the zombies red? It makes no sense.

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And oh my good lord proper posing at fucking last.

I really like Jill Valentine. It’s personal like. Dont mind, but her face looks like drawing cartoon.
And love posing too.