Jill firing her PX4 in the rain..Yup..

I know it’s small(Dunno how to make it bigger. Help would be nice on that end.) and the editing isn’t that great, but I was tired, and wanted to finish it. It’s just a practice edit.

i like the way you made her hair look wet everythings good,but i think its the muzzle flash you need to work on man

i accidently rated myself my bad.

Thanks Ry. It was a random muzzle flash I pulled off google. I didn’t notice anything wrong with it till after I finished :frowning:
Thanks for the comment man.

Why is it 800x460 in the first place?

keep it up man :slight_smile:

No idea how to resize it. It’s bigger in the gimp. I think it has something to do with photobucket. Then again, I could be wrong.