"Jill gets her little gift of the Executioner" oheay i know it sounds sexy]


if you do not understand it. so is jill tied up.

and yeah… this turns me on… na kidd. or?


there is no christ in this thread boy!!!
Just mee!!!

Godless thread

I don’t really like the blood coming from the neck stump but everything else is awesome.

ok… well its my first Headless edit but i try better next time… thanks for info anyway

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you said it!

More like ryugifromsweden.

It looks like the start of some twisted comedy…

by ryu gi.

You don’t happen to love this movie and have a fanatical obsession with Susan Coffey, would you?

No reason for asking. :toot:

ok if you say so

Why does the face on the decapped head make me laugh?

because after your long laugh you gets a boner


I’m starting to miss the days when Raptor still made horribly over-contrasted, filter raped and terribly posed stuff.

that raptor is dead! :smugissar:

do not want to remember those days… but i learned something…always listening to the people here… ok not always but anyway

I was expecting a cock, but this will do.

At first I thought it was some sort of snake with a human head or even a limbless guy. Oh, I see.

I expected rape.

Obviously you forgot the latest rules on FP.


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looks like he has an invisible penis in her mouth

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I mean she

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actually both of them