Jill Valentine BSAA

Here’s Jill in her BSAA outfit from Resident Evil 5. Has the usual, faceposing, fingerposing and eyeposing.

Thought about maybe making the hat a bodygroup, but the top of her head was missing, so I’d need to do alot more work. Maybe I’ll do it sometime.


by Fort83. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Feedback on this would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Updated -


Oh happy day

holy shit that was fast fedge

Where have you been since 2006?
2 great models within such short time is amazing.

Awesome job, model looks great!

My only problem with this model is that her skin (unlike your previous Jill Battlesuit model) can look really shiny when using ingame lamps and stuff with her. Looks kinda wierd imo.
Apart from that however, cool model.

Epic man, but yeah like Urbanator mentioned with the lighting.[URL=“http://www.facepunch.com/members/229610-Urbanator”]

Oh my GOD ITS CHRISTMAS!!! :smiley:

http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1055636-Girls-Night-Out?p=27794776#post27794776 made a pose out of her for ya Fedge, feel free to any of my 2 on you release page

I love you.

I’m disappointed you didn’t give her bump maps. Great job otherwise, though.

Whaaa, it should be using them. It has them on in HLMV. :frowning:

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Ah ok, should just need to edit the .vmt of the face. I’ll fix it up when Im less sleepy.

The shinyness is also on her arms and stuff. Basically anywhere there is skin. :v:

Shit I missed the bumpmap folder.

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Oh looks like the bumpmaps are inversed anyways. :v:

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fuck it nevermind model looks great either way

Yeah, I don’t think source likes the bump maps. I don’t know much about them, but I’ve got a plugin for photoshop by nvidia thats supposed to make bumpmaps. I hope it works for me lol.

I’ll be releasing a couple models in a little while, and one of them has the ‘new’ bumpmaps. Lets hope they work better.

O no another Jill model, now my picture is incomplete: http://www.fotothing.com/photos/379/379b7a548936aeee4130fa152a0620ab_9a0.jpg

Thanks anyway, looks good!


what the fuck is the dumb ratings for?

there was a troll. its not the OP, FUCK WHY YOU DIDNT DELETE MY POST

From personal experience, I sincerely hope you don’t release your next model with the bumpmaps that use the filter. That filter is not for clothing or skin or anything other than map textures, really. It can be used for other things but it require some skill.

Bump maps use different lighting in the red and green channels to determine how it changes in Source lighting. Open the bumpmap in Photoshop, go to the green channel and ctrl + I to invert it. Using phong and the $halflambert lines in the .VMT usually diminishes the effect of bumpmaps. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you shouldn’t be using phong on clothing in most cases.

Yeah it’s all good, simkas has told me how to deal with the bumpmaps. No more silly filter.