Jill Valentine with face and finger pose.

Got this model from an old link that no longer works. Model was broken at the time.
Have not seen a Jill around with face, finger and eye pose, so I guess she can be useful.

Credit to Mariokart 64n for the original model.
Nahka for fixing the phong problem.
Me for fixing the missing textures.


MEGAUPLOAD http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RXOV49KY
FILESMELT http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jill_Face_Finger_pose.rar

Ps! Turn off restricted axis when finger posing her.

Thanks Rastifan :slight_smile:

Useful :slight_smile:

You are welcome. She is a bit difficult to finger pose, but you figure it out.

Thanks i was looking something like this

zomg n00dz?!

Is there a stroke around the upper lip? (pic on the right)

Stroke??? Hmm no I shouldn’t think so.

is that the normal nose or did you use nostril dilator?

“The file you are trying to acces is temporarly disabled”
its been happening a lot to me lately

Filesmelt should work for you http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jill_Face_Finger_pose.rar

Nose is normal. There are room for improving the model no doubt.

I remember this.

Thanks brotha


No joke, I probably have like five Jills in Gmod (and I’m pretty sure one’s half naked). None of them work right if I remember, so I thank you.

was about to say the same shit many broken jills too

Was one of the reasons I did this. Was tired of useless Jill models to.

nice work, can you do silvia and tinkerbell? follow here:


Model already had flexes. What we fixed was missing textures and the phonge. If I was adapt at face posing, a lot of models would have it by now.

right, thanks anyways.


Someone plz make her a mod to replace Rochelle on L4D2.



Probably doesn’t have face posing but I’m sure someone could figure it out with this.