Jill Valentine

Before i get the oncoming barrage of people yelling the model has been made. I know, but none of them work for me. Playermodels, Npcs, Ragdolls etc. None of it works. And i want three Jills.

Number one:


Number two


Number three: (S.T.A.R.S)

Resident Evil 5 Jill has been done but I don’t know if its one of the ones you couldn’t get working

so these didnt work for you?


Ah, thanks. And Jason, No offence. But it’s YOUR models i cant get to work. And most of the others. Lua Errors is what i get.

Huh, maybe you should try putting it in addons and copying and pasting an info file in it from another addon.

Thats how i get my jason278 files to work.

Like, into Invisghos models? So it would show up with them?


i would like to undress my girlfriend with that suit on her

Dat ass

If i got £100 every time someone said “Dat Ass” about Jill. I’d be a billionare by now. Anyway, should i do what i said or do i do it differently?

Do you throw your files in addons or do you put them directly into the models/materials folders etc?

Er. I throw em. Dont really know how to put individual files in individual folders. Hurr Durr, I’m a retard.

I think there’s a battlesuit Jill floating around as a player model. As for the cloaked n masked one, I doubt anyone has made a port of that model

So i win. I requested a model that hasnt been done. Cant i get props for that? :smug: