Jim Bronson (my not anymore personal skin)

So I put this guy together a long time ago as my personal skin, then later updated him with some shit, but I never really used him as my personal skin, so I figured I’ll just release him as a random character.
This contains a model with the jacket, the jacketless one, the shades as a seperate model and also a colt python revolver that I ported from Black Ops. The ragdolls have bodygroups for having the shades on or off and the jacketless one also has bodygroups for the shoulder holsters (on/off, gun on/off). The revolver also has some bodygroups as well as a skingroup for removing the bullets from the cylinder. Which means you’ll need the bodygroup changer:
(this is some fake mock-up personal file that I put together as I was coming up for the backstory for the character):


(the revolver seen in this one is not the one included and this one has the older beard model, the last picture has the latest one)



Download link:

As I said, this isn’t my personal skin anymore so use it for whatever you want, as long as it’s not making a shitty recolor of it and calling it your own personal skin.
And no, I will not make a fucking NPC or player model, fuck off


lol The file name is “geneticallydifferentbronigguhs”

Check the mediafire link.

this is pretty rad.

For some reason he’s always reminded me of Jeremy Davies with short hair. Shame to see it’s not your perskin anymore, though.

is he related to chuck norris

Too bad this isn’t a player model.

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Is this the version with the colorable shirt?

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Oh wait I did that one, nevermind

npc pls???

for u, could kindly offer good price :3

That deserves a winner rating.