Jinrai air recon unit and ground based infantry conduct operations on city



click images for full view.

2142 meets Neotokyo I see.

it’s better than neotokyo’s shitty anime-esque faggot props and vehicles. what a joke.

Second one’s cool.



Why the hell do you pose with it then?

Well… Tokyo is in Japan.

anything that has to do with Japan is going to have to do with Anime.

pose with what? the NT models? because they’re good and not necessarily weaboo bullshit like everything else in the mod. except for NSF. and they’re not even weaboo - they just suck

that’s terrible logic


are you blind? that wasn’t sarcasm

You remind me of someone… but I’ll hold my judgment.

As for the pics, very nice looking. The camera angles and DoF are very well executed.

You don’t know the meaning of weeaboo do you.

Just downloaded this mod. It’s pretty fun, although some of the maps are too easy to get lost in.
As for the poses, I think they’re superb. Great posing and editing.

Great work. Editing is amazing.