Jinrai holds gun in Japanese style area + Bonus

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And the bonus


Add captions to bonus if you wish.

Nice posing in both, now its up to me to edit the speechbubbles into bonus, be updated later. :3:

“Haha! Katsuo just scored another one!”
I dunno.


after the obnoxious behavior, David got pissed and clubbed Yagami’s head in

Lol. That is it.

Yesh, another Jinrai pose, just what i like.

I can imagine it now…

The lighting doesn’t match at all. Good cut-out though.

To help blend the person into the background - assuming you use Photoshop7 or above, hold “Ctrl + U” or go Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation. It helps alter the overall colour of the person so you can make it look better :slight_smile:

Good effort though, the cut-out is pretty neat.



Thanks for the help guys, this is my second cutout, and Mr Fantasticool, that is awesome.

Ghat looks like he’s about to crack. Hoo-ra for the Dreyfus eye effect. The first picture’s lighting seems a little off, probably because the character is wearing a black jumpsuit.