Jinrai recon soldier about to ambush an NSF assault soldier in a hallway.

First things first, these models are extremely annoying to finger pose with the right hand, I don’t know why but it’s only the right hand. So bare with me if it looks weird. Even though you can’t see anything on that side of the picture.


Then some pictures to show the Jinrai recon agent.
Lights were added so you can actually see.



C&C is welcome.

these jinrai jerks cant ever give the nsf a break huh

No, I mean, who wears blue when trying to capture a titted robot? Not me, that’s for sure.

That’s NSF for you, dumb and retarded.

Jinrai are way better.


Good posing. Picture is really empty though.

If anyone is the antagonist it’s Jinrai/GSDF.

The NSF is trying to restore order to Japan, while the GSDF is all rogue military elements that wants to bring Japan back to its imperialist days.

Jinrai = Chaos
NSF = Order

I’ll admit though, the Jinrai win in terms of style though.

Hell yeah. NSF’s blue scheme sucks, and those flying little drop-ship things look so much cooler in the Jinrai colour-scheme.

Thanks. I’m really just trying to get my posing down, then I will work on more exciting and filled poses.

I agree, the NSF kinda looks like breakdancers, what with there baggy pants

Also, they have spider tanks. BIG spider tanks.