Jinrai soldier shooting over a car

Inspired by a pose of TACTICAL_GAMER’s from a while back. Editing practice mostly, so please don’t complain about “genericness” or what have you.


The picture is small because of some aliasing issues that came about because I didn’t realise my ATI control panel wasn’t set to “use application settings” (I was playing a console game that didn’t have the anti-aliasing option).

C&C please.

Previous (and much more impressive) Jinrai picture: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=827274

I don’t like how the muzzeflash has those three diamonds, but everything else is good.

It looks good but here’s a little niggle that bothers me about poses: why does the soldier hold the gun by the magazine instead of the foregrip or the handgrip or whatever it is? The ragdolls need more flexibility.

Maybe use a Neotoyko map as well? But it looks good nonetheless.

I fancied something a bit more down-to-Earth for the map this time. Also, I got bored of vertical grip poses.

I like the glow on the flash, but I hate that flash :saddowns:

Good dodging/burning on the soldier though. Now all you need to make your pictures really impressive are some general ambiance changes (not that they aren’t impressive right now, it’s just that if you messed around with the color balance you can get some damn cool looking shots)

The flash looks pretty pointy, and the laser dot on the mount looks like it’s just a sticker.

You still deserve the art.

I never really did understand why he was gripping the magazine instead of the foregrip…
Oh well. Nice job, man.

Nice. Although, I’d like to see what he’s shooting.


Good pose otherwise.

Thanks guys, especially Vman.

I like this one. It has something about it that can’t make me stop looking at it.


it’s good not much more you could do there but i don’t like the diamond flash

D’aww. Thanks mate.