I finished my jihad bomb want it? reply.

The old one works on Gmod13 too.

But mine is custume :slight_smile:

More of an in-depth definition on what it is/does would be nice.

Well you buy it when your a traitor. and it takes 6 seconds to charge then after it charges it auto blows up in 20 seconds or before that you left click

Why, do you ask people if they want something they have zero info about, no pictures, no proof of existence, if you want to release something, upload it and post the link.

That kind of “mystery” attention-whoring is dumb.

Did I just get called a whore? :frowning:

You mean the already made suicide bomb?

No. That’s a completely different model and sound structure.

So you use the same code as it and just changed the sound, how original.

I code all my weapons

garry how long did it take for the physgun

Typing in a file path name isn’t coding…

I coded

coded what

Everything, obviously.

We’re actually playing VibriosWK’s Mod

Thank you Ericson666

So you re-coded a weapon that’s already been made and didn’t give the person that came up with the idea credit?

Do you listen? I made it myself.