{JKS} Zombified World - USA

Hi all. Just posting to tell you about my server, Zombified World.

[release]Zombfied World is a RPG zombie killing gamemode, you basicly kill zombies, gain xp, level up and earn money (addars). With the addition of factions, for player vs player wars.

Server IP: [/release]

The Weapons:

  • Crowbar
  • Stunstick
  • Katana

WIN weapons (Weapons that can only be gained by Faction Wars)
-Machine Pistol
-Dual Mp5k’s
-Winchester 1873


  • Desert Eagle
  • P-228
  • USP
  • 357 Revolver
  • Duel Elites
  • Five Seven
  • Glock 18


  • Mac 10
  • MP5
  • P90
  • Ump 45
  • Ump 45 Silenced
  • Tmp
  • C-Mag HK Mp5

Shotguns and Rifles continue, but I don’t want to make this a long thread.

To buy all the weapons, excluding WIN weapons, you need to go to a trader.

The Trader menu:


The menu for most of the gamemode is TAB, It shows basically everything, your hunger, your infection, your stat points, setting your player model, spawning props, you get the idea.

Zombie Types

Some standard Infected zombies will spawn as flaming zombies also.
Every now and then a ‘Boss’ Zombie will spawn, a Deathclaw or a Hellknight.

[del]The Deathclaw still may not take any damage.[/del] Fixed Deathclaw will now take damage and die.

You cannot hit a zombie any higher than human size, so around their legs. I know its a pain, if someone knows how to fix this please contact me.

Some of the new weapons I have added have the weapons sticking out of their crotch. I know how to fix them it will just take some time.

[del]Standard zombies have no attacking animations. If someone would like to add attack animations they may.[/del] They do have animations, stupid me, working out how to fix them in regular zombies. Hulks/ Fast/ deathclaw/ hellknight and Controller/TK all have working attack animations.



  • You need to be at least level 15 to make a faction.
  • Every level you go up, creating a faction requires 250 more Addars (money)

Once you have made a faction, set its colour, if its invite only and the name. You may start building up your faction after you have done that.

  • Faction Base (The heart of your faction, if this gets destroyed your faction can no longer vs other factions)

  • Ammo Dump ( If your inside your faction circle you will gain random amounts of ammo for any weapon)

  • Faction Fridge ( If your inside your faction circle you will not suffer from hunger)

A whole faction base:

I know I didn’t include that much info, I just gave you enough to come have a look at it.

Media Fire
Rapid Share
[File Front](http://www.filefront.com/17286996/Zombified World Content.zip)

I would like to thank Xenon Servers for letting me rent one of their servers! I really recommend them!

It’s so awesome, I play on it all the time!

It must be so awesome, you even made a second account to tell us just how awesome it is!

Lol Fail

Really good server and gamemode.

I’ve played on this server. Very good gamemode.

The reason you can only hot the legs is probably because the big infected are just skins for normal sized npcs.

Acctually they are models. I think its a issue to do with hull sizes or somthing.