JMI - Femto

Presenting the ‘Jerm Motor Industries - Femto’ !

After fiddling around a bit with old dupes and stuff… I decided to update some of the stuff I had in my list.
I wanted to make a vehicle that was rather realistic, and at the same time easy to make/use.
Didn’t put too much effort into shaping and nice smooth curves, but I’ll hope you’ll manage through this without too much eyesore. Wanted something with few props, and to be server friendly.

What this includes is:

  • Hydraulic engine
  • Gearbox with reverse, 1st and 2nd gear
  • Clutch
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Realistic steering (hydraulics, so sort of realistic I guess…)
  • RW drive
  • Doors that open/close and a hood that you can lift up
  • Sounds
  • Total seating for 2 !!111oneone

Does speeds up to 25KpH / 15MpH
And can climb slopes up to 15°

Not made as an off-road vehicle, but rather as a fun one :stuck_out_tongue: City car…
Oh yeah, and this is still a WIP vehicle


Damn thats ugly.

Yeah, it is

But it’s nice, can’t wait for the vid. Since you can do all this shit, you should l2asthetics. (It’s difficult for me too :/)

I like it, but damn its ugly.

Would be great to have a collaborative car project with someone. I’m not good with aesthetics (as the pictures show) (duh)
Of course, the other person would have to work on the car body/chassis :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Mr. Incredible’s car. The top speed is the only thing that really sucks about this car. I know source physics really limit how fast you can go with wheels, but if you increase the power of the engine and add a few gears you should be able to increase that max speed.

Cars can go really fast if you know how to do the wheels/engines right.