http://jndrp.freeforums.org/index.php (New site http://www.jndrp.net/ )
You can get more information in the forums.

New community founded by Vorion, if you’re tired of the older communities, then join and have fun. JnD needs fresh ideas from new members. Be sure to introduce your self when you join and tell them Seb McMeb sent you.
When you join, you can fill in a CCA app, JnD is leaning towards getting about 50 applications in.

We are still in the faze of getting the money for a new Sql database,

From a personal view, since its new and has some interesting people starting out as the ones running it who aren’t total dick wads or elitists like most communities I’ve seen, and is possibly planned to take place in the general time that HL2 and HL2EP2 does, may vary in weeks, unlike in TnB’s time line which takes places years before that.

Because of the time line, it should be easier to become other “factions” rather than meet every requirement, which for me is better because I don’t have to dicksuck to get it.

You can contact Vorion at -> vorion@jndrp.net <-

edit requested by Vorion
forums.jndrp.net We already have the sql and are setting it up

If you get a free X10 hosting account, you get over 3 free mysql databases with remote access. Best part is you get to choose all the options like what forum you want. This isnt an ad, just letting you know of free ways to get more than you have.