Joazzz's compilation of pictures. Lots of stuff.

Because I’ve made a lots of stuff, I decided to make a compilation thread. Old images come first. I warn you: These are not A-class pics like in the other compilations, barely B-class.


There. That’s everything I’ve done so far. I let out the most suck-ass pics, I hope it doesn’t bother you.

War of the Worlds/Servers much?
The later pics looked good, so have have improved a lot

Is that last picture from Transformers or something? :v:

Your scene-building is really good but the editing is really meh, even towards the end. I suggest you practice in that field seeing as you pretty much have the rest down.

How can I practice? I mean, I don’t know a shit.

Fuck. yes. you have made the almighty parson proud

Just keep making pictures. You’ll work stuff out by mistake most of the time.

You can use this too (very helpful), the ideas are the same whether you’re using GIMP or Photoshop:

Nice rating me dumb there chesty

Good guess. It was because you described yourself as “almighty”.

I’m the almighty PARSON, not almighty to all


I’m almighty to my loyal minion Johnny Sykes

You really do love tripods, dont you?

I applaud you, good sir.


Oh yes. Something in them is just so… dunno. Maybe it how their design can vary, their weaponry, the asymmetry of three legs, don’t know.

Like the Clone Troopers one.

Big improvements since you got the new computer.
I am proud of you Joazzz!

The one with two rebels running looks insane!
In a good way.

Some were meh, a few were bad, most were good.

STOP WATCHING MOVIES ABOUT ROBOTS!!! jk, good improvements