Joazzz's Compilation

I made an updated compilation, because I didn’t feel like bumping the old one with new pics.

From old to new.

Do you like mechs,WoTW and lasers?

Really looks like it.

And terminators

Yep, I really do.

Yep. You really do. Nice pictures :smiley:

The last ones are great.
And the WoTW pictures are win.

Usually I’d call pics like these pretty crap but I like yours for some reason, it feels like you put alot of effort into them! You have alot of potential, you just need to brush up on your technique a little!

Also, with the recent events of Benji, NO this is not sarcasm, will you whores stop thinking that everything is!?

Impressive editing.

you love War of the Worlds and Terminator don’t ya?

Can’t deny.

There are some that I really really like, then others that are :geno:
Still love em Bro, good job :hfive:


Updated it, but had to make new posts due to 50 pics per post-limit.

It** REALLY** is a pleasure watching all of your stuff, I love how you combine contraptions, scene building, ingame editing, posing and photo editing!

Your pictures make my pictures feel bad…It’s nice watching the difference from the start of the pictures to the end.

Some really good work from you. Fantastic editing, posing and what-not.

This is the best one.

The Pripyat one could’ve really done with some good, thorough editing, particularly DoF. That would’ve elevated it from merely interesting to awesome.

The rest are a bit of a mix, and I can’t even see most of them due to my cousin’s PC being so slow it actually locked up and refused to load any more images.

very very good poseing btw could u give me a link for that nanosuit ragdoll :downs: