Joazzz's personal skin.

Lock this thread, the skin was old and there's no need to bump this anymore.

Everything but the face is awful.

Hmm, well, maybe I’ll improve it a bit.

This is pretty cool and good job on the face. If you can make a terminator like body then that would be cool

I like the head, but I don’t like the clothers…

How do you make personals?

In most cases, you make a shitty flamboyantly coloured low-res reskin of male_07 and call it “<your username>'s Personal Skin.”

Didn’t help. Plus I’m using the black guy.

Ok, I’m gonna make version 1.1 soon. Because this looks like crap in my opinion too.

clothes are kinda… well, crappy. the face tho… the face is FEREAKIN AWESOME.
you need jeans and a jacket that isnt blue and green, and maybe has some bullet holes and ezposed exoskeleton segments in it.

I was about to say “Nice bump”, but I won’t say that because you gave me so much positive criticism.

I’ve made a new, lotsa better version, you can find it from the OP of the Pers Skin Megathread.

thanks i need this for my machinima

What the fuck.

We didn’t even need to know that! :saddowns:
Please don’t bump old threads for no reason.

Mods, lock this thread. The skin is old.