Job helmet overlay.

Hello people.

I am lately working on modified DarkRP but i am having little trouble… do you have any idea how to make overlay for Combine units jobs ? For example player changing job from citizen to Civil Protection will have blue overlay that will look like advanced robot helmet.

You could use this.

[lua]hook.Add(“RenderScreenspaceEffects”, “xnpc_screeneffect”, function()[/lua]

You forgot to end the function and hook.Add parenthesis.

[lua]hook.Add(“RenderScreenspaceEffects”, “xnpc_screeneffect”, function()
— Insert code here.

Also, OP, the overlay is effects/combine_binocoverlay

I know I did… I didn’t add them in as I was just giving him the hook he needed.

It’s okay to admit you messed up instead of asspulling an excuse.

Who are you again and why are you speaking down to me? I didn’t mess up, and as you can see I have not touched my post to change it, so if you’re done being all high and mighty, then maybe you can contribute something useful.

Now now children. Keep it PG.

And now to contribute to the topic: You will want to use the hook provided above, and use the render lib. If it were me I would create a white texture with alpha gradient by rectangular function, and Add the colour using the render lib.

Such as posting code that actually works.

It doesn’t have to work, remember people in this forum are expected to know the basic implementation of code. You don’t HAVE to put “end” on your if thens, you don’t HAVE to define variables that you’ve provided in examples, OPs should be competent enough to do it themselves.

The only time that is appropriate is with variables. Providing someone code and not ending your ifs or functions is just stupid.

No. Giving them what hook they required in a thread that you are expected to know some basis of the language is helping them out. I am not required to end the hook if I am just giving them the name of it.