[Job] Hiring somebody to make player models and NPCs of existing models.

Hello there,

I am looking to hire somebody to create player models and NPCs for the WH40K-RP community ( http://6thcadian.proboards.com/ ). This job is paying and I am completely open to negotiation on how much you believe each job is worth, money isn’t a problem and transactions will be made through paypal. Being a motivated worker would be a bonus, communication is key (nobody likes to be left in the dark) and all the models worked on will be related to Warhammer.

If interested, please add me on steam and message me about this job, or post here.

My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002298573/

This job is still open, our community is in dire need of a somebody who can make player models and NPCs to step forth!

Well I’m currently learning and have 3DS Max, I can port Ragdolls to Player Models. So is that about good? Because I still need to make valve.biped’s to fix one model that I’ve been trying to make.

If you just need someone to code existing models with the neccesary animations using HL2 NPC archetypes i could do that for free because to be real honest .lua isn’t that hard and if you pay someone more than 5$ you’re doing a big mistake.

Because really, even a good SNPC code isn’t worth more than at least 7-8$ if the person you hired know what the hell he/she is doing.

I’m fairly certain he’s talking about someone who can rig models onto the Valve biped to be used as playermodels and NPC models. SNPC and/or lua was never mentioned unless he made a separate thread in the lua section.