Job Ideas Your creativity is needed here :D

Job Ideas ? I need job ideas to make my DarkRP server Fun :smiley: Please put your ideas below we currently have Mafia,MafiaLeader,RebelLeader,Rebel,SWAT,Thief,GunDealer,Blackmarket,Mayor,Medic :smiley: Please put your ideas in comments below :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, because jobs make DarkRP fun…

Well its nice to have good jobs :confused:

its darkrp… theres a billion servers running the same crap… no matter how many jobs you have its still darkrp. honestly the jobs you have there are so generic they might as well come with darkrp itself.

Ok try out Pimp, prostitute Hair dresser ummm Kliener ermm let me think… mad scientist school teacher computer hacker. There are loads of things to which can make it unique and make your server lots and lots of fun!
Of course the game mechanics will be the same as every other fucking server, I’d recommend making a gm from scratch and putting your own mark on gmod rather than just redoing what someone else has already done.

How about Serial Killer and make RDM allowed?

How about a mycologist?

Why do you think im asking people for Ideas?

Jobs are not going to make your server any more fun. Even if you come up with the most original jobs, without adding FEATURES for that job, aka CUSTOM CONTENT that you’d have to code yourself (and not bought from Coderhire), the job will be another generic job that just has it’s own color and name but is exactly the same as any other job.

That’s why most people tell server owners to get rid of jobs and only add a few government jobs / citizen job that can use /job to play whatever they like.

This thread isnt about why I shouldnt have jobs! I want jobs on my server no matter how much people say I shouldnt have them I’m simply asking for ideas Not why I should not have jobs.

Then come up with them yourself. YOu want a server, we didn’t ask you to host one.

Facepunch - Where asking for some ideas turns in to an anti-DarkRP thread full of assholes