"Job is boring as ever"


When does the excitement start?
Great map by LATTEH, love the detail and everything. Now, with the lighting, I had lighting problems up the ass with shadows of characters following the lights (Like someone was standing there, but you can only see their shadow…) and also had Super DOF turning the brightness down by 25 clicks just to create even more trouble for me. I just said screw it, I’m posting this on Facepunch. Hope you enjoy, besides the ugly lighting I did. If anyone could give tips, it would be appreciated. I might revisit this one.

I have a habit of putting secrets in picture. I don’t know why, just deal with it.

You should win a prize for this picture.
How 'bout some Dosh?

Less contrast please. Lightin’s pretty good.

Sometimes I think I put a little too much contrast, but without it for this picture it would look pretty black and white.

I really don’t get it… What’s going on in the picture?

It just seems like a couple of ragdolls who has been posed and then WHAM a screenshot…


Basically, that’s what a Gmod picture is. It’s just a few soldiers on guard duty, bored out of their minds. The two in the back are just trying to make the best out of it.

We need a rule, that bans people who post poses without any action in it :stuck_out_tongue:

What did I do? It’s like having a photographer taking pictures of beautiful scenery and having him banned for having no action in it.

We need a rule that bans people for being as stupid as you.

What strange colors.

I was joking :open_mouth: