[Job Offering] - Seamless Transition Between Sounds

Position Requirements:
I am currently looking for someone who is well versed in some form of audio editing software whether it be Audacity, Goldwave, Adobe Suite, etc.
The job consists of creating seamless transitioning sounds between a pair of 6 different sounds which will be used in an upcoming project that is currently in production.

There are Six different sounds:

  1. Train Idling
  2. Train at Cruise Level 1
  3. Train at Cruise Level 2
  4. Train at Cruise Level 3
  5. Train at Cruise Level 4
  6. Train at Cruise Level 5

I require new sounds to be developed that transition seamlessly between idling & Level 1, Level 1 & 2, 2 & 3, 3 & 4, and finally 4 & 5.

You will of course be compensated financially for your efforts.

Contact Info:
If you are interested, please contact me directly on steam Here. You will be provided a link to the sound resources and we can further discuss the job details and expectations I have. I should be available by 5 - 6 PM EST. If not, I will reply to your friend request at my earliest convenience.

Please Note: The only form of financial compensation you will be offered is in the form of a gifted purchasable item from the steam store (Price is negotiable).

Thank you.