Job System and Game Mechanics

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The ‘tiers’ idea sounds great.

I would love to play this, it sounds awesome. One idea though, there should be some type of “elite” squad in the criminal and government side, that are the ones who deal with most of the gun battles, and protect key people. (like, lets say ____ can only die 5 times or consequences happen, they would send out at least some members of this squad to protect the person)

Yeah, ‘tiers’ idea is awesome. Could you upload custom weapons to the server? I’m tired of default CSS weapons.

This, There’s been a few good weaponpacks released lately, something that will work for us here will be easy to find.

I hate to dive into this but all the arguments I’ve seen against /me are based of there experiences with morons that don’t understand that /me is to do 2 things in combination or on their own, 1) things you cannot do in Gmod normally, 2) Describe something in detail for added effect.

Example of incorrect usage (personal opinion but meh)
Player 2 is trading for a gun with player 1

The above is generally an incorrect way of using /me (though I personally don’t have much of a problem with it to be honest).

Example of a correct way of using /me
Same scenario as before

The above is one of the correct ways of using /me, it’s meant to do things you cannot do in gmod AND/OR describe things in detail. That is it’s purpose, stop bashing it because you play with people that think they are hardcore and play with people that use the command for it’s purpose.

Playing with people that use /me and do simple shit like the first example are wannabes basically. The people in the 2nd example used /me to describe their actions in detail because that is the point of /me. The process was the same and it flowed like the first but they didn’t use /me in a moronic way. People that can actually use /me also won’t go

They’d shoot the fucking gun, they aren’t idiots, if they wanted to do that they would go to a text-based RP. Keep in the mind the key there was “people that can actually use /me” and not the average RP’er that uses it in an annoying way you find so pointless.

Also any RP’er worth a shit won’t cock-slap you if you say “I’m not really into the whole /me heavy RP”, like wise neither will the other if you say “I’m into more /me styled RP”. Acceptance can do wonders, for both parties. And it seems to me like this whole servers motto is to find a balance of acceptance for both sides.

Even the correct way leaves you thinking “fucking jesus just give me the fucking gun” while the other guy is writing a novel in /me or something

Something gmod as a whole lacks.


Besides you are the kind of person that doesn’t like detailed interaction RP. Others do, so it leaves you thinking that.

Actually I had an interesting experience with /me on TnB the other day. I shouted ‘disperse’ at some cops, as you do :stuck_out_tongue:

So a cp took out his pistol and charged angrily at me, he then tripped ( which by the way took about a minute to fully play out because he was a mighty slow typer and insisted on using /me for fucking everything).

Me, not wanting to get into a huge roleplay fucking novel decided to run. So I did, /me turns and runs away, I stopped to let him type his response, somehow I wasn’t allowed do this and had to /me my every fucking step. So I just stated that this is why roleplay is boring and left.

Anyway, back the the server, I think we should just use normal CSS guns, they do the job fine.


Sounds a bit…elitist ?


And while you’re writing your life story, some other player inevitably comes in and robs the gun and then you whine to the admin or the cops about how he’s an idiot and you spend about 20 minutes doing this and in the end you don’t even get the gun.

A simple,

Me: /me takes out the money and hands it to the man.
Person : /me takes the money and hands over the gun

Would suffice.

All these problems come from no one having the ability to compromise, example 2 is a compromise of sorts, I know you think that’s alot of text. It’s not, that’s nothing to what some people do when they get really into it. Example 1 is what most people use /me for, that is not it’s purpose, well it is, but you bitch that it drags it down and that’s because it should only be used to detail things, and if the RP’ers you RP with don’t like it, knock it down some. That is the responsibility of /me RP’ers. Which makes them look elitist, but considering generally you will find those people on servers that are meant for /me, in which case like I said already, you asked for it.

I’ve said it in this post alot, compromise. It’s something “Adults” do and there is a reason for it existing. Though given the average age of a FP member I can see why this wouldn’t apply to them, or so they think anyways. The most important rule of compromising is that it works both ways.

And looking back I need to address something you said,

That is a very childish look on it, his type of roleplaying is not your style thus that is why roleplaying is boring.

This thread isn’t about the antics of /me. Get back on topic.

I’m confused here.

Will you be able to make a cop character, then start another shopkeeper, then revert back to cop freely?

Since this is a discussion whether or not the FP server should encourage the usage of /me and since the thread title says “Game mechanics”, I’m going to ignore this. If you still think it doesn’t belong in this thread, I’ll stop posting about it. Plus, the following post is mostly about general gameplay and stuff like that.

This is why I think heavy scripting is necessary. If it were a server with a sleeping command (or a server with people wanting to use it), he could’ve just run a few meters and then use it, thus creating a “trip”. That would’ve been much better looking and much faster to execute.

I don’t think I have any lack of imagination though. For example, I’ve played Hellmoo for a considerate amount of time. Hellmoo is completely text based. People don’t do /me there. Instead, Hellmoo has thousands of commands that fit almost every situation. I loved using these commands, even though their effects were only cosmetic. This worked because the game was text based. The only thing you see is the text. But with Gmod being a 3D game, it just doesn’t work so well. If the /me effects were in 3D, it would work better.

And to this “You’re not allowed to do that” stuff, my reply is this:

(This isn’t towards you Axznma, just ranting about how people execute RP)

For example, you are running towards someone in a situation like that with no intention to trip over. Then you accidentally press a bind that makes you “sleep”. Rather than explaining in LOOC that it was an accident and that the one you were chasing must stop, then I think you’re missing some imagination. Why not roleplay it as if you were tripping down? Not using LOOC! Just say “OW FUCK” or something, it would let everyone know that you just tripped down.

tl;dr :rant:

I binded lots of simple /me commands to my keyboard in GMOD. Like: bind end /me puts hands up and /me pulls the trigger

I can understand one for ‘puts hands up’, but ‘pulls the trigger’ doesn’t need a /me…

Yeah, I think he should change it to “takes aim” or something. That would make at least a bit sense.

As for my suggestion: keep in mind i never played cake script and the thread on it has no details
We should have an account system where it has differently made characters that you made and saved. So one character can be a chef while your other one can be a gang member.

Also please make money actually valuable, but dont make items crazy expensive. Like how some gamemodes have cars for like 50k even though the cars real life value is 16k.

CakeScript does allow for seperate characters.

That’s because those “some gamemodes” have donating so you can “pay me 10 dollars irl and ill givve u 50000 monies”