JOBS Coding Issues

So i’ve made around 90 custom darkRP jobs under the same format etc here is an example:
TEAM_RifleMan = DarkRP.createJob(“Rifle Man Trained”, {
color = Color(0, 255, 56, 255),
model = {“models/steinman/bf4/us_04fixed.mdl”},
description = [[You are a Rifle Man!]],
weapons = {“cw_ar15”, “cw_p99”, “keys”},
command = “RifleMan”,
max = 100,
salary = 200,
admin = 0,
vote = true,
hasLicense = true,
candemote = true,
– CustomCheck
medic = false,
chief = false,
mayor = false,
hobo = false,
cook = false,
category = “RifleMan”,
PlayerSpawn = function(ply)
ply:SetHealth(300) – Edit the number to whatever hp you want it to be
ply:SetArmor(100) – edit the number for armor
ply:SetRunSpeed(300) – edit number for runspeed difference
ply:SetWalkSpeed(150) – edit to change walk speed

And once we get in game to test out the new jobs that have been made it doesn’t work! I’ve tried everything an i cant seem to find the issue anywhere and this is preventing the server from getting under way. Please help!
We are unable to switch to the jobs their is no console errors nothing it just doesn’t allow us to switch through the F4 menu

"Jobs coding "

If its for DarkRP i guess you could keep your Medic custom checks but this is not needed if this job is not for DarkRP, i Recommend to go over all your DarkRP jobs and Set the ply:SetHealth to ply:SetMaxHealth(#) this is because the med kit searches for the max health of the job and if it finds this then it will take the health more than just 100.

[LUA] PlayerLoadout = function(ply)
ply:SetRunSpeed(300) – Just saying the run speed is probably too Fast

Overall you missed a Coma after end so just check out for those types of error since a thing that small can mess up your code.

Last value in a table doesn’t need a comma, at least in lua :smiley: