Jobs not in f4 Menu+Error in jobs.lua

Hey guys, so I am helping to develop a DarkRP server, I’ve made several custom classes, and none of them will show up in my f4 menu, here are the docs;




I’m not sure why nothing is showing up in the f4 menu. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Not a big deal, but this happens too. if I add:

customCheck = function(ply) return ply:GetUserGroup() == “donator” end

after the hasLicence job field, I get an error saying saying that it wants }) before the customcheck.(I had this error earlier, but a friend of mine knows the fix, it’ll simply be a few days until I can talk with him so getting the answer here would be easier. Again, thank you guys!)


Solved the issue with jobs showing up in the f4 menu, but I still can’t figure out the custom check for donator rank.

I ended up being able to figure it out myself guys, I just kept playing around with it :slight_smile: I had commas at the end of each class declaration( the )} ) and I didn’t need them.

:snip: he managed to figure it out.