JOE ROGAN Board Server! High AS F|_|CK!!

name: Powerful JRE Savages Live Admin Starter-Kits/Locations/PVP/Sleepers
ip:port: (JAD) net.connect
about: Bunch of UK/Americans/Anything who play for fun and enjoy the game. Dont be a cunt and come get some!
location: USA
donations: no
pvp: yes or no
beginner-friendly: yes
seeking-admins: no
reddit-contact-user: /u/jtotheas
has-voice-server: yes
crafting-time-percent: 100
slots: 150
admin-power-usage: valid values are: for good
admin-usernames: KaHn, BoeMogan, Twist0r (admins only, no in-game players)
sleepers: yes
airdrop-min-players: 20
mini-games: yes
server-launched: 2014-01-10
entry-updated: 2014-01-25
specification: Rust.Alpha - Oxide 1.3.3

JRE Server is online with a new IP (server was geographically moved to a central location to improve latency. new ping is verified to reduce lag.)
-Press F1
-Type “net.connect”