John #7

In the middle of a small island, where the combine take their rule, enter John, a 28 year old bar owner who is
a hapless, and down-on-his-luck man who along with his friend Joe, begin a journey to retake their island and become kings.

I thought the interrogation could of been more funny, but good work Zenhorse. Your comics are becoming good.

I think it’s meant to be serious.

So many typos.

I lol’d when I saw he was talking into a phone with a snapped cord… :v:

Also his number “459” reminds me of that one commercial. 459-CASH! Lowel the Hammer Stanly I believe :v:.

BTW, the cordless phone is a series thing. As in, all the combine using phones will use it.

Here’s a list of the typos I could find:
Frame 5: an interrogation room
Frame 6: Don’t try to do anything
Frame 10: You’re
Frame 12: "
Frame 20: I think it would be more fitting if it said " With more girls than you could imagine" or something of the likes
Frame 22: “Yes I did, to a kid in my school.”
That’s all I could find.
If you need help on spell checking your comic and such, I could help you.
I’d be glad to help.

Not too bad, this series is definitely getting better. But like others have said, spend a bit more time on double checking your work before posting.