John Carpenter's "The Thing"

Hi,I was wanting to know if it’d be possible for anyone to some how get the models from The Thing the video game and make them rag dolls and usable with Gmod?

There’s actually a mulitplayer game mode someone made for GMod that is similar to The Thing and has enemies that look like the monsters too. I don’t remember where it is though.

i thinks its called parisite

Fuck yeah!

That’s some high poly porting right there:

XD why you burn Peirce?Also gentlemen although you say there is a gamemode of such a game but are there any rag dolls or anything close to The Thing related that you know of?

I ported one character from the game and shoved it in this pack ages ago. At the moment I have a few more i need to get round to rigging just haven’t had the time to get round to doing it.

Thanks dsdxp can’t wait to see the next ones!


dsdxp,did this file change any of your characters btw?Like now all my combine are different ppl and Dr.Breen is this CS soldier with a different camo and Father is in a swat suit now.

Well that can’t be good…

didn’t change any with me =/

I take you don’t know how to install addons then?

No I installed them right but now some of my people are missing :frowning:

You didn’t install addons correctly if you messed up the default ragdolls.


Besides, none of the models you described are in this pack.

You screwed up something else.

The guy in the blue coat with the US flag on his shoulder is from The Thing. The man said he only ported one model.

These characters:

ahh it doesn’t matter anyway I cleaned out my Gmod this morning and a friend helped me install these models right and now they all work fine ^^.