John Connor - Leader of the human resistance

Alt. edit:

Haven’t found any decent model to serve as Connor, so I reskinned Male_07.

C&C, please.

Not bad, posing looks a little, well I dunno. You’ve done better before tho. :v:
You terminator freak <3

It’s okay. Full-frontal camera angles + dust is getting a bit boring though. There’s a lot of wasted space in this picture. Faceposing and posing is good. That M4 looks huge.

I’ve never been good with camera angles…

And yah, the M4 looks too big. I noticed that after the pic was taken though.


Cropped out some unused space, better now?

Yes. <3

Níce picture mate.
Love it,saved it, will learn how you did it.
Keep it up.

Guns a bit big :s

Posing looks alittle funky, and bland. It’s not your best. It’s okay.